Monday, October 31, 2011

Summer legs

So tights season is officially over. Which means that it's time to transform my pasty winter legs into smooth, brown pins to rival a Victoria's Secret model (oh, I wish)... without sun, of course.

And this is where L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Gelee comes in. Oh my, it's fantastic. 

Now, I am not a fake-tanning expert or enthusiast by any means. I am far too lazy for that. My vanity and sun-sense has, however, prompted me to try St Tropez (good), Clinique (disastrous), Elemental Herbology (fine), ModelCo (tricky), Mystic Tan (no longer purchase-able) and more... yet L'Oreal, a relative cheapie, takes the cake. It's quick, easy, streak-free, natural, blendable and, ultimately, fool-proof. All-in-all, I love it.  

So, for reluctant fake-tanners like me, a little guide I like to live by...
1. Once a week does the trick. 
2. A little preparation goes a long way. Exfoliate using a dry body brush, followed by a non-oily scrub. (Oils can leave residue on your skin, resulting in an uneven tan.) I use Aurora Wattleseed and Walnut Skin Resurfacing Cream. It's sublime.
3. I don't bother moisturising... it's fine!
4. Blend, blend, blend... especially under the knees, and onto the wrists and ankles. Don't even touch your toes. It will only end in disaster. I lightly skim the top of my feet and hands to avoid a glove/sock effect. 
5. Wash your palms vigorously, but try very hard not to splash water and soap onto your wrists and forearms or it will stain that way. Not a good look.
6. If your skin is the slightest bit sensitive or prone to breakouts, don't use a body fake tan on your face. Even if the instructions say it's okay. My rule: anything that is designed to be used on your body, you shouldn't use on your face, unless your face is as strong as teflon. (Which does apply to some lucky people.) I like Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pads, which actually exfoliate your skin whilst tanning. Clever! Clarins Liquid Bronze is also lovely. 

So there you go! Welcome to summer 2011. 

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  1. I am soo into tanning (fake, of course) lately and your tips are right on the mark! That is, apart from the once a week part - if I can be bothered I do it every day, alternating between a mousse and a gradual tanner. I am so interested in this gel tanner though, I vaguely remember trying something like this years ago but I recall it being terrible. I'm sure they have improved now, as has my own tanning abilities!
    Great post (as always!)

  2. Iiinteresting - will have to pick one of those up! My current fave is Xen-Tan - one coat gives a perfect true tan (it's olive-based so not even a hint of orange skin) - and it doesn't smell TOO bad, but it is super expensive, which is a definite minus.

    Question on the Clarins face tanner (which I have) - do you use it morning or night? And do you apply anything else on your skin either before or after? I struggle to go without my twice daily serum/treatment/moisturiser application, so I never know what to do! Thanks L! xx

  3. Hi Lucy! I haven't used it in a while but I prefer just to use it once a week... I'd cleanse and exfoliate, pat my face dry, then apply it onto clean skin. Let it settle for a few hours and then apply serum, moisturiser and eye cream before bed. Hope that helps you! xx

  4. That absolutely helps me - thank you!xx