Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10 Day Cycle

I have another blog, One April Morning, where I try to explore deeper issues in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Yet I have this urge to express my frivolous, materialistic side... So, in a little diversion from beauty, I have decided to take up my "10 Day Cycle" posts again. Just for fun!

read my new books

I am a bonafide "bibliomaniac". Yes, it's a thing. My brother told me all about it. (He's very clever, and knows all sorts of crazy fact you'd never even think to look up on Wikipedia, unless you are him. Like bibliomania.) Apparently one of the worst cases was a guy who was so obsessed with acquiring new books that he stole them from libraries all around America and was sent to jail.

THANKFULLY, I am not at that level. Not quite. I have, however, bought three books this week even though my bookcase is filled with dozens of books that I am yet to read.

So I will read these books in 10 days. At least I will read Campaign Ruby (which seems like a quick, easy read) and Women of Letters (ditto) within the 10 days, and get somewhat through 1Q84. It is many, many pages long (944, to be exact) so 10 days may be a little optimistic.

the kettlebell

I really hate to exercise. As in, running and spin classes and things like that. I hate the act of it, and I hate the after effect of it (greasy hair, in particular). I still haven't decided whether I should embrace what feels like an innate hatred or, as the Nike ad says, just do it.

Either way, in an attempt to find an easy way out, I read Tim Ferris' 4 Hour Body not long ago and he swears by a Russian weight thing called the "kettlebell" for toning and defining a woman's body. Arms, in particular. Vanessa Hudgens, Katherine Heigl, Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez are said to use kettlebells and they do look quite good, I suppose.

Tim demonstrates the "kettlebell swing" in this video.

See? Easy. And I own a kettle bell. It's just that I never get around to using it. So for the next 10 days, I will.

PS Vanessa Hudgens post-Kettlebell workouts for Shape magazine. Admittedly, airbrushed (I presume). But still. Those abs..!


November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and although I failed dismally last year, this year I actually have a fully-fledged outline to follow and characters I have already fallen in love with. So I intend upon writing as much as I possibly can. 

embrace my inner domestic goddess

I know this must sound awfully 1950s but it's not that. I am a really terrible housemate to my poor boyfriend. He is a chef, and a neat-freak, so it's all too easy for me to sit back and let him do all the housework and cooking, but not really fair to him. With his exams coming up, it's high time for me to take some of the work off his hands. Baking, mopping floors, washing dishes, doing laundry and all that jazz. Yay!

music library

My old laptop died and although I have watched that Sex and the City episode a trillion times I never did learn my lesson and actually BACK UP my files. So it seems that I have lost everything, which is not as devastating as it sounds, because I don't miss much of it. And it is a lovely opportunity to start afresh, especially with my virtual music collection. 

So that's my next 10 days! What do you have planned? Any tips for my upcoming musical, writing, reading or domestic adventures? Please share!


  1. Hi Laura,

    I hope you enjoy Campaign Ruby. I loved it. I think there's not enough chick lit about politics and media and other things I love! I'm looking forward to reading the sequel Ruby Blues.

    As for your comment about being undecided on whether to embrace your hatred of exercise or 'just do it', I vote for 'just do it' - not that I can talk!
    However, you may like to read this article by Mia Freedman about exercise motivation if you have not yet seen it:

    My next 10 days (starting as soon as I hand in my last assignment for the semester) will hopefully involve:
    - a shopping expedition;
    - seeing 'I Don't Know How She Does It' (great book!);
    - reading Ruby Blues (I am also a bit of a bibliomaniac);
    - catching up on some magazines;
    - getting to the gym;
    - getting stuck into study for exams; and
    - my birthday :)

    Good luck for your 10 day endeavours!


  2. I'm excited to see the return of the 10 day cycle! I, too, need to concentrate on reading books. I made a big stack of the ones I borrowed from you (embarrassing to say I'm sure it was more than a year ago) and I'm going to read them all and return them to you! I've read 2... 7 to go!

  3. Hi Acacia, yes I have read the Mia article but thank you for reminding me to revisit it! It actually ties in really well with Sarah Wilson's column last week on certainty... basically, just do it. I think the universe is speaking to me! Best of luck with your exams and happy birthday :)

    Kimberley, it's okay, I still haven't finished Air Kisses... xx